The Composition of SEAC is outlined in the Education Act (s.185, 186)


  • Parents of the students concerned (students with an IEP), designated by the Parents’ Committee.  [maximum of 11 parents as per WQSB procedures]
  • 1 Teacher representative, designated by their Assoc 
  • 1 Non-teaching staff representative, designated by their Assoc
  • 1 Support staff representative, designated by their Assoc.
  • 1 School principal, designated by the Director General
  • Up to 2 representatives of organizations which provide services to students with special needs, designated by Council.

Non-voting Members:

  • The Director General or designate.
  • A representative of the Council of Commissioners.

Rules of Internal Procedure outlined in the Education Act (s.185, 186,195)

The Internal procedures adopted by the WQSB SEAC include:

  • The majority of the committee members must be parents. (up to 11 parents)
  • Internal procedures determine quorum to be 50% of the members with parent members in the majority. (8 members with 5 or more parents)
  • Must have quorum to hold an official meeting and vote on a resolution.

SEAC Meetings outlined in the Education Act (s.185, 186)

  • Must have a minimum of 3 meetings per year.
  • Meetings are not public unless specifically designated as such
  • Meetings must be held annually on the topics of: (1) The Organization of Services (Special Education policy), (2) the allocation of financial resources to the services intended for those students, and (3) the implementation of Individualized Education Plans.

Appointment of SEAC Members by Parent Committee.

The parent members of SEAC are designated by The Parent Committee at the first meeting of the school year.  (typically in October)

Effective the 2016-17 school year, the process to be followed for the selection of  SEAC parent members will be:

1.     Any parent of a student with an IEP,  who is interested in becoming a member of SEAC, must submit his/her name at the General Assembly of their child’s school. (held before the end of September)

2.     The Governing Boards will submit the names of parents, who are interested in becoming members of SEAC, to the Parent Committee.

3.     The parents, whose names were submitted, will be invited to introduce themselves (in person or in writing) at the 1st Parent Committee in the event that 12 or more parents have expressed interest and elections must be held.

4.     The Parent Committee members will designate the parent members who will be named to SEAC.  ( up to a maximum of 11 parents). 

5.     The(maximum 11) parent members of SEAC will be named to the Director of Complementary Services who will then invite all SEAC members to the 1st SEAC meeting.

6.     The parent members will serve a 1 year mandate.

Selection of the Chair of SEAC

  • The position of the Chair of SEAC must be held by 1 of the parent members.
  • The position will be voted on by all of the SEAC members at the 1st meeting.
  • The Chair will serve a 1 year mandate.

Selection of the EHDAA Parent Commissioner

  • The position of the EHDAA Commissioner must be filled by 1 of the parent members of SEAC.
  • The position will be voted on by the SEAC parent members only and the name of the successful candidate will be submitted to the Parent Committee who will then advise Council.
  • The EHDAA Parent Commissioner will serve a 2 year mandate on Council.

Selection of the SEAC Parent Committee representative.

  • One of the  parent members of SEAC will be selected as the SEAC Parent Committee representative.

Information about SEAC is available by contacting:

Complementary Services Department Western Québec School Board Tel: 819-684-2336 extension 1163 Email: seac@wqsb.qc.ca Website : www.wqsb.qc.ca