Attendance & Abscence Procedures

It is the parents’ responsibility, prior to the absence, late arrival or early departure from school to advise the school of their child’s situation. Please call before 9:00 am. at 684-7472 ext.2132 or e-mail ALL students arriving late to school must enter by the reception and report to room 132.  Students who leave school during the day must have parental permission (telephone call or note) prior to their departure and must sign out with the Secretary in Room 132.


Student success is directly related to attendance and continued absences will
impact student achievement. Students who are absent from school miss critical
opportunities to learn. Therefore:

  • If a student is absent from class, the attendance agent will contact a

    parent/guardian for verification

  • If the parent/guardian is unable to justify the absence, or is unreachable, the

    student is considered truant

  • Students who are truant will be issued a Wednesday detention (2pm-3:30pm)
    If a student skips the Wednesday detention, they will be issued a suspension for

    the following school day

  • If a child is justified absent on the Wednesday of the issued detention, an alternate

    detention will be issued for Thursday after school (3:30pm-6:00pm)

  • If a student is truant more than once during the week (Wednesday to Wednesday), they will be suspended from school

  • A student, absent from a test, exam, or writing workshop does not have the right to sit at a later date (This absence should be verified by a medical certificate).

Policies & Procedures

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