On Friday, 13th of all days the cadet boys football team won their game against Franco Cité leaving them with a record of 13 games won and zero games lost over the last two seasons. The boys continue to destroy the league and are having an amazing season. 4 beautiful touchdowns were scored by Nathan Lecuyer, but the whole team had a fantastic game leaving the field with a score of 37-17. A great effort by Franco Cite but no one can keep up to the Gee-Gees this year. Good luck to the boys playing this weekend against Nouvelle Frontiere!

Paige Chan and Sheridan Kelso

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D’Arcy McGee vs Carrefour - September 29

Written By Emi Furukawa
On Friday, September 29th the D’Arcy football team won against Carrefour 47 to 7. Defense had really stepped up their game and kept the opposing team to only 7 points after giving up 40 in their previous game. The stars of the game were without a doubt the defense, Nathan Lecuyer who scored 3 touchdowns, Malcom Smith who scored 2 touchdowns and Hayden Charron who threw for 5 touchdowns. Although it was a very successful game, there are always ways to improve; Coach Brown says they still need to work on their consistency with both offense and defense along with their team work. Next game is this upcoming Friday at 5:00, it is an away game against Mont-Bleu; everyone is welcome to encourage our team. Congratulations and good luck Gee-Gees!

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Home Opener 

Saturday September 9th 2017, the Cadet boys football team played their first game of the year here at Darcy McGee. Coach Brown had his team worked hard throughout the summer and it payed off. The coaching staff surprised the team with their new football uniforms, the gee gees played their game with confidence and pride which lead them to take their first win of the season, winning the game with an amazing score of 33-0. With this win the boys are hoping to go undefeated again this year. 

Q & A with coach Eddie Brown

The D'Arcy Cadet football team came out with a big win this Saturday. We talked to their coach Eddie Brown to get some information about their upcoming season.

Q) What does training look like with your team?

A) We practice 3 times a week and I work them pretty hard to get them ready for the upcoming game.

Q) What do you and your team hope to accomplish this year?

A) Last year we went undefeated and won the Benjamin Championship, this year we want to accomplish the very same thing 2 years in a row.

Q) What do you think were the best parts of the game? And what can be improved on? 

A) If you are referring to this game. We need to work on every phase of our game, we didn't play like I know we can or had hoped. The main thing that we need to work in his protecting our Quarter Back by blocking better. On the defensive end we need to tackle better and know our assignments. Its only the first game so we have time to get better like I know we will.