• Students who do not return completed forms will lose their right to choose ARTS or Options courses; they will have these courses assigned by Mr.Singfield.
  • Students entering Grade 7 will automatically be scheduled into Art, Drama and Music (these courses are trimestered).
  • In the event that your child will not be attending Symmes or D'Arcy during the 2018-2019 school year, please complete and return the form regardless.
  • Determination of whether or not a Symmes student is promoted from one grade level to the next is based on promotion by level; that is to say in the event a student fails two or more of English, French and Math, he or she will repeat his/her school year.
  • Determination of whether or not a D'Arcy student is promoted is based on subject promotion; that is to say if a student fails a subject he/she will retake the subject in the following year.

The pre-requisites for graduation (graduation requirements) from secondary school in Quebec are as follows:

  • A minimum of 54 MELS credits
  • A minimum of 20 credits must be from Secondary V
  • Secondary V English
  • Secondary V French
  • Secondary IV History
  • Secondary IV Science
  • Secondary IV Math
  • Secondary IV Arts Option (ond of the following: Art, Drama, Music)
  • One of the following:  Secondary V Ethics or Physical Education
  • Students who wish to take Chemistry or Physics in Grade 11 must successfully complete SCE402 (Science and Technology of the Environment) in Grade 10.
  • Students who wish to take Physics in Grade 11 must have successfully completed advanced Math (MSC406) in Grade 10.
  • Students going to Grades 10 and 11 will be registered into Math courses based on their results in the current year.
  • Students will be issued course selection confirmation sheets during the third week of March; course selection change requests will be accepted up until the end of March.