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Interview with Coach Tremblay,

Coach of the D’Arcy McGee Hockey Team

Interview by Emi Furukawa

  1. How long have you been coaching hockey at D’Arcy McGee?

  • 6 years.

     2) Are you excited for this upcoming season and if so, why?

  • This year we have a really good group, it seems like we’ll have a good year. They are all good academically as well. We will be heading in a new direction this year because we are only part of the high school league. We’ll be going on lots of tournaments and travelling. It’s really going to be a new start.

    3) What are some goals you would like to achieve this year?

  • My goal this year is to make my team become better hockey player. Use academics and hockey to motivate them.Hockey is a privilege. I’d also like to win a couple of championships too.

    4) What are some memorable moment you’ve had in the past with your teams?

  • I have been always fortunate to have competitive teams; 4 out of 5 championships, 1 semi final and 3 consecutive championship wins. Last year’s finals that we won 5-1 was beautiful to watch we were spot on, you always know from the start when you’re going to have a good game. Winning the Toronto tournament was also very special.

    5) What are some strengths with this year’s team?

  • We have some good leadership this year and much more motivated individuals.

    6) What is your favourite part about being a coach?

  • Seeing progress and winning, but definitely seeing progress.

    7) Who is your favourite NHL team and player?

  • Pittsburgh Penguins, then The Montreal Canadiens. My favourite player of all time is Mario Lemieux.

    8) when is your first game?

  • This Friday October, 6th at 10:00 in Chelsea. We have good attitude and work ethic so I am expecting a win.


By Kiana Raby:

There are a lot of different sports at D’Arcy, but as we all know there are many students who play sports outside of the school. For example, Lucie Reford has been an equestrian since she was five years old. I asked her a few questions about what this sport involves and the type of competitions she attends.  After talking to her she had informed me that she is a dressage rider. Dressage is a type of riding where the horse and rider work together to perform a series of movements, almost like dancing with horses. Dressage is a sport which requires a lot of dedication, especially to creating a bond between horse and rider. Her training consists of around 3-4 rides a week. Lucie recently attended a competition in New York called Lendon’s Youth Dressage Festival, a dressage competition specifically for young riders. At this specific competition, riders are tested on their knowledge of horses as well as their riding abilities. This being her third year of attending, she came away winning her division!


Interview with Mr. Greer by Victoria Hachey

1- What made you want to be the teacher of athletic council? 

    I was always involved in student life ie. school council and athletic events during my time at Pontiac high. 

2- What do you enjoy about athletic council? 

      Providing an opportunity for students to get involved and have their voices be heard. As well as getting students more involved in sports. I think that sports should be more heard and supported by other students. 

3- How many years have you been coaching, and what sports have you coached 

        This is my fourteenth year of coaching, and I've coached basketball, soccer, flag football, and baseball. 

4- What do u hope for, or what improvement do u want for athletic council in the future? 

          I would really like to see more individual and collective initiative taken by athletic council as I believe there is a lot of potential to build a deeper school pride and spirit through athletics 

5- Have you coached in any other schools? 

         I've coached at Pontiac high, Philemon, and Darcy. 

6- Lastly, is there anything else you'd like to add in terms of your PDC? 

          I'm just really excited to work with this group this year as they're really passionate about promoting school spirit and pride through sports. 



We are searching for coaches to lead the following teams:

- Juvenile girls soccer

If you are interested in joining our program for the upcoming season please contact Matt Greer by email ( 

Pep rally! A success or failure?

Thursday last week, a pep rally was held to support and get everybody
pumped about the upcoming game that Saturday. Some people said that it
was too loud but others said that they couldn't hear. I believe that
people listened and had a good time with music and ping pong. Even
though it wasn't the tournament nor the Pep rally we wanted originally
I think people still had a blast. Maybe next time we should make sure
not to yell or walk under the speaker or even be better prepared and
ready. That's just what we think, we want to know what you guys the
students of the school that actually experienced the pep rally. How
can we make them better? We want you're suggestions of what you want
to do at pep rallies to make them even better at our school...So was the
first pep rally of the year a success or a complete failure?

Get involved in School Activities

 Listen, we've all been the youngest at school at one point. Its hard enough to remember where your classes are, much less worry about extracurriculars. Starting a new chapter of your life can be stressful, and we understand that completely. That's why I'm going to explain how extracurriculars REALLY. 

 First off, whoever told you that joining a team will ruin your social life, its actually the complete opposite. Sure, sports and clubs may take up a couple of nights a week, but that still leaves plenty of time for friends and homework... Ugh. Coaches and teachers understand that academics come first, and that homework is important, so most will accommodate you to the best of their abilities. But don't confuse that for a get out of jail free card. Skipping a meeting or practice to study isn't an excuse for meeting up with friends, or just not wanting to go. 

 Second, extracurriculars are an excellent way to meet new people. Coming from a small feeder school you might feel overwhelmed by the number of strangers you now have in classes with you. Joining a team has personally helped me make great friends that otherwise I probably wouldn't have known. Branching out is great, because the more people you know, the less stressful the school year will be.

 My last point is that extracurriculars can give you great experiences and opportunities. In my first year playing basketball for Symmes, my team got the opportunity to go to Fredericton NB for a week for an exchange with another team there. That will always be a memory I have, and it helped me feel closer to my teammates. I also have a friend who is going to CEGEP in Lennoxville QC because of basketball. The point is, if you find something you like, and stick with it, it can do things for you in the future. But don't be mistaken, it takes a lot of blood sweat and tears. All I can promise is that it'll be worth it 100 times over in the end. 


Why school sports matter

School sport are something very important to me. As someone who has had the opportunity to play club and school sports there’s definitely a difference between the two. Researchers have shown that a student-athlete is more engaged and develops a closer connection to their school when actively involved.

Playing school sports has had more of a meaning for me; it’s more emotional because you want to do everything you can do to win and represent your school well.

There’s also the social part. Not only are we playing with some of your closest friends, you also make new ones. I can definitely say that if I didn't play school sports, I wouldn't be friends with some of the people that I am now good friends with.

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to play both school and club sports and I’ve benefited from both and encourage other student-athletes to do the same if they can.     


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